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Individualized to Your Specifications

RWS Individual
Surgical Instruments

RWS Individual Solutions

RWS Individual Instruments to Client Specifications

Standard products are not your business area of choice? You are MDR and/or FDA accredited manufacturer/retailer and want to supply custom, complex surgical instruments to set yourself apart in a competitive market? You are looking for a partner in the field of medical technology to provide premium implementation? You are in the right place.

As specialized contract manufacturer and development partner for sophisticated surgical instruments and unique solutions you can benefit from our experience in the production of surgical instruments since 1932.

We produce to your precise wishes and specifications and offer, if possible, suggestions for optimizations.

We provide the following options

Individualized Products

based on the RW Standard portfolio with small adjustments according to your requirements

Product Development

we are your partner in design and manufacturing of discerning new product developments

Individualized Products

In case our RW Standard portfolio does not offer the right products for your range, we provide the possibility of individualizing RW Standard instruments according to your specifications.

Your Benefits:

  • Quick project realization using RW Standard products
  • Subsequent orders as “Make to Order”-items are swiftly available
  • Construction/modification to your specifications
  • Non-recurring construction effort

Possible Individualizations:

  • Freely selectable lengths
  • Modified jaw parts, handles, dimensions
  • Individual coatings, surfaces
  • Functional properties to your requirements

Product Development

We are your solution and development partner for the most sophisticated projects and provide our full expertise to our clients. No matter of an idea is in its infancy or in the conceptual, developmental, or manufacturing stage. Wie produce highly complex components, including assembly according to specific parameters and smallest margins, as usual in the field of medical technology.

You have an existing construction with CAD-data/3D models? In this case, we can swiftly begin with the implementation of production technology – precisely and exactly to your specifications.

In any other case, we are able to translate your ideas according to existing models, concepts, overview drawings, or prototypical instruments into construction data. The construction and 3D-data necessary for production are developed by Raimund Wenzler instrument manufactory. If required, we provide CAD-construction data for further usage.

Your Benefits:

  • A project-team consisting of manufacturing specialists at your disposal for consultation
  • Construction modifications for optimal and cost-effective production implementation
  • Realization of production technology to your specifications as contract manufacturer
  • Selection of external service providers for critical processes
  • Initial prototype testing
  • Special validation

High Tech Production:

  • According to ISO 13485/Current good manufacturing validated processes (CGMP)
  • With qualified suppliers for special processes
  • Complex component production support by state-of-the-art CAM-/CAD-software

Make use of our abilities to enter the market swiftly with surgical instruments, implant-instruments, or implants. Contact us for further information.

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