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Our Production, Your Product

Contract Manufacturing
at Raimund Wenzler


As manufacturers in medical technology, we have long-standing experience at our disposal. Providing most stages of production for surgical instruments at our own location, we have perfected each manufacturing step to construct excellent products. Our vast knowledge is readily available to our clients as part of our contract manufacturing services.

Milling often forms the groundwork of all other following manufacturing stages. As we produce your milled parts, we can fashion them to your specifications, existing drawing, or CAD-models. If no preexisting models are available, we are able to supply them tailored to the manufacturing process to ensure optimal, cost-effective production.

Milling as part of a contract manufacture is possible with either your own materials or material provided by us. You can benefit from our high standards in the production of surgical instruments and get premium quality from Raimund Wenzler.


Besides milling, we also offer hardening services. Hardening has been part of our manufacturing process for more than 40 years. What is more, we have been certified as a service hardening factory since 2018 to extend our services to our clients. Therefore, we are highly knowledgeable in all critical aspects of hardening. Our validated hardening system is serviced at regular intervals. Through the automated monitoring of all important parameters, we can guarantee an optimal material composition.

Additive Components

Milling, finishing, and assembly of additive components from stainless steel or titanium are part of our services as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us and utilize the knowledge and experience of our highly qualified employees.

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