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When Premium Quality Becomes the Standard

RW Standard
Surgical Instruments

RW Standard Portfolio

3 Steps to your Surgical Instrument

In our RW Standard portfolio you can select predetermined surgical instruments from a large selection of products and benefit from their rapid availability. Your surgical instrument is produced at our own manufactory with the Make to Order-strategy (MTO) – Made in Germany, naturally.


Choose our field of application


Choose your product model


Order & further options

Rongeurs / Cutters for spinal surgery

In the RW Standard portfolio for spinal surgery you can find all current types of rongeurs/cutters such as: Kerrison, Schlesinger, Caspar, Ferris-Smith, Heavy-Duty, Decker, Leksell, Beyer

Instruments for Ear-, Nose-, and Throat-Surgery

RW Standard instruments for ENT surgery: ear forceps, ear forceps with flexible ring handles, ear scissors, spoon forceps, grasping forceps, tonsil instruments/Hartmann, Takashi/Weil-Blakesley ethmoidal forceps, incisive nose forceps, Hajek-Koffler sphenoid cutters, Middleton-Jansen septum cutters, Citelly-cutters, nasopharyngeal instruments

Instruments for Laryngoscopy / Bronchoscopy, Gynecology and abdominal surgery

Our RW Standard portfolio includes further areas of application such as: laryngoscopy/bronchoscopy forceps in accordance with Chevalier-Jackson (incisive/grasping/cutting), penetrative sample excision forceps/biopsy-forceps, rectal biopsy forceps in accordance with Tischler/Morgen/Yeoman

It’s Your Choice

Variations in our RW Standard Instrument Range

The RW Standard instrument portfolio offers a wide range of product variations, which give you the opportunity to configure the perfect instrument for your unique needs – because our focus is client usability.

Length / Width

Length & Width

Our standard portfolio includes the most common lengths and widths for the respective area of application

Surface coating

Ebony Coating

Ebony – An elegant black coating that protects from reflection. The Ebony coating provides a striking visual effect as well as definitive advantages in application: protection from distracting reflections which facilitate use without bothering glares. In the long term, the surface is in no way impaired by aggressive conditioning processes.

Jaw Parts - Spinal surgery

Jaw Parts Spinal surgery

With our instruments for applications in spinal surgery, you have the choice between all common finish variants of the jaws. For example, you can choose between the finish variants sharp, sharp semi-serrated (fenestrated) or serrated. Of course, the instruments are also available in a variety of different angles.


With the RW Kerrison rongeurs, you can choose between the “Thin-Footplate (DFP)” or “Regular Footplate” versions.

Instruments with a Thin-Footplate (DFP) may only be used to remove thin or porous bone structures and soft tissue.

Instruments with a Regular Footplate are also suitable for removing hard bone and tough tissue.

The rongeurs are also available with integrated ejector or pin ejector.

Jaw Parts - ENT surgery

Jaw Parts ENT surgery

With our instruments for applications in ENT surgery, you have the choice between different variants of the working ends. Depending on the area of application, you can choose between scissors, spoon mouths, bridles or special shapes such as Weil-Blakeseley or Takahashi.

Jaw Parts - Gynecology

Jaw Parts Gynecology etc.

The RW Standard portfolio also includes applications such as: Laryngoscopy / bronchoscopy forceps according to Chevalier-Jackson cutting / grasping / cutting, specimen excision forceps / biopsy forceps cutting, rectal biopsy forceps according to Tischler-Morgen / Yeoman, with the respective working ends optimised for the field of application.

Bayonet Models

Bayonet Models

Allows the user an optimal view of the operating area.

Open Up® Closure

Open Up®


Our patented Open Up® system enables you to open surgical instruments at the push of a button to clean all critical areas of the products.

Learn more about the possibilities and advantages of the Raimund Wenzler Open Up® system.

RW Standard, RWS Individual and MDR

Your Surgical Instrument – Our Solutions

Surgical instruments as medical products are subject to strict regulations which need to be considered before market entry. Depending on the product category, our range is catered to:

  • End use customers
  • Medical technology businesses looking to expand their product portfolio and become legal manufacturer under their own brand name
  • Distributors looking for sales solutions: you can distribute CE Marking conform products using our OBL-solutions (Own Brand Labeling)

More details available in our MDR-solutions section

You are looking for a completely individualized product solution to your specifications?

Find all relevant information in our RWS Individual instruments section and learn more about Raimund Wenzler instrument manufactory as your solution partner!

You want to take a closer look at our RW Standard range? Contact us and experience craftsmanship and technology in perfect harmony!

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