Wenzler RW OEM: The standard for surgical instruments

Simple to OPEN UP 

The Wenzler product line offers a wide range of high-quality OEM products for multiple applications in ENT, neurosurgery, laminectomy, gynecology, biopsy, laryngo-broncho esophagoscopy and bone surgery.

An overview of Wenzler cutting rongeurs:

An overview of Wenzler grasping forceps instruments:

All cutting rongeurs and grasping forceps are available with a matte surface or in black with EBONY coating.

NEW! The OPEN UP®  design!

To make our surgical instruments easier to handle, many rongeurs and forceps are now also available in our OPEN UP®  design—an extension of our disassemble system, which has been patented since 1999.

This revolutionary system allows users to open up the instrument with a click and makes handling more intuitive and comfortable.

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Are you looking for individual product solutions that meet your specific requirements—and not OEM products? Click here and discover more about solutions from the Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur!