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The Company: MANUFACTURING surgical instruments

Quality, precision instruments since 1932

For approximately the past 80 years, the Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur has set an example for top quality and precision in the development and production of surgical instruments used in a multitude of medical applications: ENT, neurosurgery, laminectomy, gynecology, biopsy, laryngo-broncho esophagoscopy and bone surgery.

In addition to an extensive range of RW-Standard-Range-Products such as cutting rongeurs (including Micro Kerrison, Ferris Smith, Love Kerrison,Conchotome instruments, IVD rongeurs), we offer customized solutions developed specifically to meet your needs. In the field of spinal surgery in particular we enjoy an excellent international reputation thanks to our instruments for implant insertion and minimally invasive surgery (MIS).