Surgical instruments since 1932

The success stories of the Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur

Raimund Wenzler, Founder

No. 4 Tuttlinger Straße

Geared cartilage shears (1960)

Gebhard Wenzler

Edwin Wenzler

Hubert Wenzler

Who are we, where did we come from and how have we become a leader in the development and production of surgical instruments?

Read for yourself everything about the success story of the Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur.

1932: Raimund Wenzler founds the company at No. 4 Tuttlinger Straße in Balgheim, Germany.

1936: Master craftsman certificate awarded to Raimund Wenzler

1960: Raimund Wenzler registers a utility model with the German Patent Office for "Geared cartilage shears," an instrument that allows surgeons to exert less force when cutting cartilage.

1969: The company relocates to the new site at Schulstraße 11

1971: Gebhard Wenzler becomes Germany’s first national champion surgical instrument maker

1975: Company expansion

1977: Company founder Raimund Wenzler awarded a golden master craftsman certificate

1983: Business becomes a limited liability company. Edwin, Hubert and Gebhard Wenzler assume company management.

1984: Company begins CNC production

1986: Company publishes first catalog with the complete line of surgical instruments; company expands again.

1988: ERP application software introduced

1991: First CNC processing center and CNC lathe acquired

1994: Successful DIN ISO 9001 certification

1997: Company begins using 2D CAD technology

1999: Patent granted for a surgical instrument with a push-button disassembly system for easier cleaning

2000: Edwin Wenzler enters well-earned retirement

2001: Introduction of the company’s first 5-axis processing center

2001: Relocation to the new site at Steigäcker 22

2003: Company begins production with 3D CAD/CAM technology

2004: Introduction of the first robot for equipping a 5-axis processing center

2005: Company expansion

2005: ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certification, quality management for medical devices

2006: Golden Master Craftsman Certificate for Edwin Wenzler

2006: Hubert Wenzler transfers company management to Martin Wenzler

2009: External certification confirms successful validation for processes such as heat treatment, cleaning, passivation and welding in several procedures.

2010: Company begins using 3D coordinate measuring devices for multidimensional quality control

2011: Golden Master Craftsman Certificate for Hubert Wenzler

2011: Patent granted for the OPEN UP®  system, an extension of the push-button disassembly system for simplifying surgical instrument cleaning

2012: The Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur celebrates its 80th anniversary