Surgical instruments from the Manufaktur

Craftsmanship and high-tech in perfect harmony

The Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur began developing and producing top-quality surgical instruments as early as 1932. Our surgical instruments are produced according to the traditional art of craftsmanship practiced by surgical instrument makers.
The art of instrument making is at the heart of our business, and we effectively build on this foundation using the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies available. This results in surgical instruments of superior precision, certified craftsmanship and perfect handling that you (and your patient) can fully trust, even in complex surgeries. Examples of these instruments include
Cutting rongeurs (Standard-Range-Products and special solutions)
Grasping forceps (Standard-Range-Products and special solutions)
The Balgheim site of Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten-Manufaktur is located near Tuttlingen, Germany—at the heart of the international hub of medical technology. The history of surgical instrument development in this region goes back over 100 years, and many of the instruments developed here are now used every day throughout the world as indispensable tools in countless medical applications.
The Raimund Wenzler Instrumenten Manufaktur has been part of this tradition since its founding in 1932 by Raimund Wenzler, a master surgical instrument maker. With its extensive apprenticeship opportunities, highly-qualified employees and specialized suppliers, this region of medical technology experts offers unique potential of direct benefit to you, the customer: because you know you will receive the best surgical instruments for your applications, whether in ENT, neurosurgery, laminectomy, gynecology, biopsy, laryngo-broncho esophagoscopy or bone surgery.
Craftsmanship and high-tech in perfect harmony.